à Courtrai : Olav Forever , rassemblement + concert en mémoire d’Olav Crucified, décédé il y a peu. Le concert ça sera The Priceduifkes. Lieu : The Pit’s (Sint-Rochuslaan 1). 13h. > 21h., entrée libre

This one is dedicated to Olav - In honor of Olav’s passing we’ll open up the Pit’s as a meeting point for Olav’s friends and family. A place where we can cherish our mutual adventures and support each other through this hardship. - Shortly after Olav’s memorial service the Pit’s will be opened for all his friends. - Olav’s family will arrive at around 16h00. - At 16h30 The Priceduifkes will play a gig to celebrate Olav’s life the way he enjoyed it. Gathering all his loved ones in the pit and giving it your all. - Thank you all for being there for each other, keep talking and don’t shy away from being vulnerable. It fills our heart with joy to see how Olav is still bringing us all together and we’re sure talking about him will fire up new friendships and start beautiful things in this world. - Entrance is free, drinks aren’t. Only cash is possible at The Pit’s. The profits will be shared with Tiene and Olav’s family to start some good things to honor Olav’s legacy ❤